Recommended EMF and 5G Protecting Laptop Cases and Pads

In a world of 5g and EMF protection products we bring you a selection of the our recommending products to save you the time of searching online.

Protect your lap with a Laptop Pad

Best Value

SYB Laptop Pad, EMF Radiation Protection Shield & Heat Blocker for Laptops up to 14

  • POWERFUL, LABORATORY-TESTED PROTECTION: Scientifically proven to block up to 92% of wireless radio frequency (RF) and microwave electromagnetic field radiation (EMF/EMR) from WiFi and bluetooth, as well as ELF radiation from your laptop computer. Also shields against heat.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN: Don’t be fooled by EMF pendants, charms or stickers that claim to harmonize or neutralize EMF radiation without any scientific proof. Our Laptop Pad uses universally-accepted and scientifically verified principles to shield your body & reduce your personal exposure to EMF radiation. Inside each Pad is plate of ferromagnetic steel that forms a shield to block EMF radiation.
  • CONVENIENT SIZE & DESIGN: Pad is 35cm x 26.5cm (13.75″ x 10.6”) and fits laptops, notebooks & tablets up to 14″. The top is reflective black and the bottom is solid black. Works with all models of laptops, tablets and all electronic devices. Super slim, durable, and portable with an anti-slip grip. Use your SYB Laptop Pad at home, at school, at work or the office, or while traveling on the road.
  • SHIELDS BUT DOESN’T INTERFERE: The SYB Laptop Pad does not interfere with your computer or tablet’s normal operation and does not cause over-heating. It simply deflects the harmful radiation and heat from the bottom of your laptop away from your lap and body.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: The only laptop EMF anti-radiation shielding solution that comes with a lifetime warranty. We confidently stand behind our products and guarantee your 100% satisfaction. Rest easy knowing your investment is protected for life.

Best Protection

DefenderPad Laptop EMF Radiation Protection & Heat Shield by DefenderShield – Anti Radiation Laptop Computer Pad & EMF Blocker Lapdesk Compatible up to 17″ Chromebook, MacBook

  • Blocks virtually 100% of laptop radiation & and greatly reduces heat.
  • FCC certified lab-tested.
  • Super slim, lightweight lapdesk.
  • Smooth, anti-slip thermal resistive surface.
  • Proudly made in the USA by DefenderShield.

Best Protection Laptop Sleeve

DefenderShield Laptop Case EMF Radiation Blocker & Protection Laptop Sleeve – Notebook Computer EMF Shield Cover Compatible with up to 15″ Laptop, Ultrabook, Chromebook, MacBook

  • DefenderShield Laptop Sleeve only laptop computer radiation shield that uses multiple layers of shielding to block up to virtually 100% of laptop EMF radiation (RF & ELF) while also reducing heat exposure. Imitators only block a fraction of the 4 potential sources of EMF radiation that are being emitted from your laptop. The DefenderShield Laptop Sleeve utilizes multiple layers of shielding to block ALL radiation sources.
  • WORLDWIDE LEADER -> Industry-best, FCC certified lab-tested EMF radiation shield technology. The secret is our patent-pending, next-generation laptop EMF radiation-blocking technology is simply unmatched! And, we have the FCC-certified lab tests reports to prove it

Best Value Laptop Sleeve

WaveWall Laptop – Protect Your Body From Your Laptop’s EMF Radiation 

  • BLOCK RADIATION AND HEAT: Block harmful radiation and heat from your laptop with the anti-radiation laptop case from WaveWall. Sits between the laptop and your lap to shield your body from that heat and radiation.
  • DANGERS OF WIRELESS IN YOUR LAP: Your wifi-connected laptop creates an electromagnetic field and radiation that experts say can cause tumours, cancer and male infertility. The heat from your laptop can also damage your body.
  • SENSITIVE AREAS AROUND THE LAP: Stops EMF exposure and radiation from getting to the body, shielding sensitive areas especially around the lap. This is especially a problem for men as radiation and heat can cause male infertility.
  • KEEPS YOUR LAPTOP SAFE TOO: Doubles as a stylish carry case to keep your laptop safe from damage. Slide your laptop in for protection from scratches, bumps and drops. Carry it on its own or protect it in your briefcase or bag.
  • USE YOUR LAPTOP AS NORMAL: You can use your laptop as normal but shield your body from EMF exposure and radiation with the anti-radiation laptop case from WaveWall. Harmlessly deflects heat and radiation with no changes to your laptop.

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